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  • Starting with ClickSonar

    I heard about ClickSonar a long time ago. I always thought it would be too hard for me to learn. However, playing Showdown since last year showed me that I can train my hearing much better than I thought. So, I looked for a way to learn it and ended up with Juan Ruiz at…

  • Bavarian Paraski Championships 2024

    Bavarian Paraski Championships 2024

    I attended the Bavarian Ski Championships on March 8, 2024, at Großer Arber in the Bavarian Forest. Last year, I had a bad crash: I fell in the woods and had to be pulled out. I was a bit nervous about this. The weather was really warm, and the race was held at 10:00. My…

  • Path to the German Indoor Para Athletics Championships

    Path to the German Indoor Para Athletics Championships

    The German Para Indoor Championships were held in Erfurt on February 24, 2024. My name is Stefan Lohmaier, and I competed in the 3000m for the visually impaired category T12 with my guide, Frank Hitzelsberger. I have been running with the local club Munich at Achilles International Germany since 2019. Since finishing my first marathon…

  • Showdown Bundesliga Division C South Men 2024

    On February 3rd and 4th, 2024, I attended the Showdown Bundesliga Division C. If you don’t know what Showdown is, look here. I played in Group B. I had no experience playing in any tournaments, so I was eager to gain some. I only won one match. One loss was 11-9 in the 3rd set.…

  • LanguageIdent 0.3.1

    There is a bug in 0.3.0, that prevents from saving settings. This bug is fixed in 0.3.1 release.

  • LanguageIdent 0.3.0

    Someone pointed out to me that my plugin, LanguageIdent for NVDA, was no longer working with the NVDA 2024 beta. After some tests, I decided to switch the language identification library from langid to langdetect. This minimizes dependencies, and the plugin no longer ships with libraries in the addon. Next on the roadmap: translations and…

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