Bavarian Paraski Championships 2024

I attended the Bavarian Ski Championships on 8.3.2024 at Großer Arber in “Bayerischer Wald”. Last year I had a bad crash: I fell in the woods and had to be pulled out. I was a bit nervous about this. The weather was really warm and the race was held at 10:00. My guide this year was Tom and we harmonized from the get go. Unfortunately we could only do 3 rides before the race. The race consisted of 2 runs. The fasted time counts. In the first run I had a mix-up at the start. It was very slow, but I had no crash. For the second run the start was much better and I finished in 53 seconds in 4th place. 10 seconds behind the 3rd. After the crash last year my goal was to finish both runs, which worked out. Next year I can focus on more speed!

Thanks to the Rotari Club and BVS for the organization. Will see you next year!