legally blind engineer


TransBrl, Translate documents to braille for use on embossers or braille-displays
GraphBrl, Display computer-screen readable on an electronic tactile display
DiaBrl, convert diagrams to printable tactile graphics

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  • Marathon relay in Hamburg

    I ran about 12km as part of a marathon relay Archilles Internal 2 at the HASPO Hamburg Marathon. Archilles International is a club for disabled runners. They provide guides and help disabled runners like me to take part in running events. Please consider donating.

  • NVDA-Plugin to speak Text in detected language

    I’m using screenreaders for well over a year now. I constantly switch between English and German in emails, text, chats, etc. Many many times a day the screenreader would read German or English in the wrong voice, because it is not properly tagged. I October I bought a Macbook Air M1. VoiceOver on the M1…