Vocalizer-NVDA works with LanguageIdent

I tested Vocalizer for NVDA. The whole site seems deserted. The shopping experience is weird. You can get it on the Online Sales Page. After paying with Paypal you get an Activation Code after some time. You can associate the license with your Vocalizer for NVDA Account.

The add-in file you can download is not compatible with the latest NVDA. I edited the add-on’s manifest and made it compatible with NVDA 2023.1. After starting NVDA with the modified add-on I could update the add-on with the Addon Updater add-on. The weirdness is done now! 🙂

You can download some voices from the link provided in the e-mail. It works with my LanguageIdent plugin. It’s a nice change from IBM TTS aka Eloquence and Windows One Core voices.