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  • NVDA One Core AutoLang for NVDA 2022

    The C++ interfaced for the OneCore-API was changed in NVDA 2022.1.1: Moved the UWP/OneCore interaction layer of NVDAHelper from C++/CX to C++/Winrt. (#10662) What’s New in NVDA I used the the version and reimplemented automatic language switching. On the way I cleaned up the code and make it work in more cases, when more than one […]

  • NVDA-Plugin to speak Text in detected language

    I’m using screenreaders for well over a year now. I constantly switch between English and German in emails, text, chats, etc. Many many times a day the screenreader would read German or English in the wrong voice, because it is not properly tagged. I October I bought a Macbook Air M1. VoiceOver on the M1…