TransBrl translates documents to braille ready for printing on an embosser or reading on a braille-display. TransBrl’s main input format is Markdown. Other formats are converted to markdown first. Output is BRF (Braille Ready Format). Many languages are supported. There are lots of options for formatting and translation.


  • Input-Formats:
    • Markdown (Main Format)
    • EPUB (Custom Parser only reading text)
    • DOCX, … (Converted to Markdown with Pandoc first)
  • Output-Formats:
    • BRF/BRL Braille Ready Format (Optional use of Braille-Unicode-Characters)
    • DOCX coming soon
  • Most of the Markdown Synxtax is supported
  • Select from lots of languages in varying grades of braille
  • Set Page/Braille-Display dimensions with optional page-numbers
  • Smart word wrapping and formatting place holders
  • Configurable line and separator-characters
  • Special macros are available


Exampltes are coming


Documentation is version specific. You can view the built in documentation by clicking the “Documentation”-Button on the welcome-page.

The latest documentation is available: TODO


We use a ticket-system to manage support. You can contact support:

System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows 10 or newer / MacOs 10.15 or newer
  • 1GB of RAM
  • 500MB harddrive-space


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