Category: Programming

  • LanguageIdent 0.2.0

    I released version 0.2.0 of my plugin LanguageIdent. You can get the release: Link to release-page. It is compatible with the latest NVDA-Version 2023.1 and onward. I revamped the settings-interface: Instead of a plain text box there is a list of checkboxes for each language, which is provided by the current speech-synthesizer. If you select…

  • langPredict 0.0.2

    Sometimes NVDA parses a newline, but the AI model crashes with newlines. I forgot to commit some binary-files for the required python-modules. It works very vell and reliablte now. You an get the new release here.

  • langPredict – new nvda addon

    Making a complete synthesizer to autoswitch language in NVDA seemed a bit too much. I understand NVDA much better now and ported to language prediction and switching to a new plugin, that works with any speech-synthesizer. It’s a bit of a hack. It replaces the built in speak function from NVDA and modifies the speech-sequence…

  • nmrename 1.0

    A long time ago I made a command-line based mass renaming tool called nmrename (Noneus’ Mass Renming Tool). Noneus was my old nickname. I use this program all the time and think it might be helpful to others. I made the 1.0 release on GiHub. Here is the help-text: