Blind Life

After lots of medical issues my vision got worse and worse. In the beginning of 2018 i had a huge burst of vision loss from 100% to a field of view of around 15degrees. My vision got even worse and I only have a small keyhole (fiel of view less than 2degrees) and in there around 20% vision left. I’m legally blind. With lots of support I got lots of help devices and do sports with guides.


After getting blind I finally started running. I can’t run on my own. I run with a guide. No more “I’ts too cold today. I’m too tired. …”, when planning runs with guides :).

I run for two clubs:

Archilles International – Local Club München


Facebook (with lots of pictures)

I run two times a week at Olympiapark Munich with Archilles. There are lots of other disabilities and I regulary attend runs or marathon relays with Archilles. It’s a great community!

PSV München – Para Leichtathletik


I do basic run training and sprinting with this club. Sprinting with a guide and the arms basically tied together, so you need to run in perfect synchronization, is so much fun! In my team are lots of different disabilities. It’s a great community and a bit more competitive than Archilles.


Downhill Skiing with a guide and my girlfriend in a dualski with a pilot.

One thing I did before I as blind in the winter was downhill skiing. Luckily I found a club the still does that. The guide rides in front of me with a microphone and a speaker giving me commands. I ride for the club TSV Lappersdorf Akiabteilung.

There is a seperate club providing the guides via donations:

Förderverein Blindenskisport Lappersdorf (website)