Author: Stefan

  • Blind Game Reviews

    I was an avid PC Gamer before going blind. I still game 🙂 Unfortunately there is only a very small game catalog for blind gamers. But I will write a review for each game I play. Each review will consist of: I play most of my games via Steam, which is very inaccessible. First game […]

  • Vocalizer-NVDA works with LanguageIdent

    I tested Vocalizer for NVDA. The whole site seems deserted. The shopping experience is weird. You can get it on the Online Sales Page. After paying with Paypal you get an Activation Code after some time. You can associate the license with your Vocalizer for NVDA Account. The add-in file you can download is not…

  • LanguageIdent 0.2.0

    I released version 0.2.0 of my plugin LanguageIdent. You can get the release: Link to release-page. It is compatible with the latest NVDA-Version 2023.1 and onward. I revamped the settings-interface: Instead of a plain text box there is a list of checkboxes for each language, which is provided by the current speech-synthesizer. If you select…

  • LanguageIdent 0.1.0

    Just now I released version 0.1.0 of LanguageIdent. I renamed the langPredict-NVDA-Addon to LanguageIdent. I think its a better fit. I also switched the AI-model from fast-text-langident to langid-python-module. It’s easier to use and has the great feature, that allows to limit to identified languages. In this release aside the new name the main feature…

  • langPredict 0.0.2

    Sometimes NVDA parses a newline, but the AI model crashes with newlines. I forgot to commit some binary-files for the required python-modules. It works very vell and reliablte now. You an get the new release here.

  • langPredict – new nvda addon

    Making a complete synthesizer to autoswitch language in NVDA seemed a bit too much. I understand NVDA much better now and ported to language prediction and switching to a new plugin, that works with any speech-synthesizer. It’s a bit of a hack. It replaces the built in speak function from NVDA and modifies the speech-sequence…

  • nmrename 1.0

    A long time ago I made a command-line based mass renaming tool called nmrename (Noneus’ Mass Renming Tool). Noneus was my old nickname. I use this program all the time and think it might be helpful to others. I made the 1.0 release on GiHub. Here is the help-text:

  • NVDA One Core AutoLang for NVDA 2022

    The C++ interfaced for the OneCore-API was changed in NVDA 2022.1.1: Moved the UWP/OneCore interaction layer of NVDAHelper from C++/CX to C++/Winrt. (#10662) What’s New in NVDA I used the the version and reimplemented automatic language switching. On the way I cleaned up the code and make it work in more cases, when more than one…

  • NVDA-Plugin to speak Text in detected language

    I’m using screenreaders for well over a year now. I constantly switch between English and German in emails, text, chats, etc. Many many times a day the screenreader would read German or English in the wrong voice, because it is not properly tagged. I October I bought a Macbook Air M1. VoiceOver on the M1…

  • Hallo World!

    It’s the year 2021. This time I’m really making a homepage 🙂 I’m a legally blind engineer. Most content will be around my blindness. I might write about my two sports running and alpine skiing too. 🙂 Cheers!